by Akela

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AKELA – »Akela« is available on limited, colored vinyl at our Big Cartel store (see link on the right side).

Pressing info:
100x clear w/ white smoke
400x solid yellow

The album was recorded by Roland Wiegner and Henner Henzler at Die Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg. The artwork was designed by Florian Gering.


released August 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Akela North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

We are a 5-piece post hardcore / alternative band out of Lüdenscheid / Germany. You can stream our whole material here on bandcamp. If you like our songs, we encourage you to download them and share them with your friends. If you would like to order physical copies of our releases, you can do so in our bigcartel store.

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Track Name: Dry Mouth
// Lyrics:

Into the silence she spoke, fast asleep, six words of resignation. Into the darkness she spoke, in her dream, a shard of helpless sadness: »The way it used to be.« Flashes of childhood memories are masking the hardships all along her way. We all just stumble through time. We glorify chance as destiny, as plans devised years ago. »The way it used to be.«
Track Name: Streets Ahead
// Lyrics:

I’ll walk out on whatever is left, peel off all the name tags and vanish in thin air. Shivers run over withered skin. I’ll leave town tonight and I’ll never look back. One last chance for satisfaction in my lifetime. One last chance to live adventure with a beating heart. It’s now or never. I stare into the bright light ahead. My rusty knees won’t bend easily, but I’m determined to take every step of the way by myself, until my time is up. I feel I’ve lost more friends than I ever made, forgot the songs I loved and sang the ones I hate. And if I die today a couple years from now no one will even know that I was alive. There’s nothing that I leave behind. I stare into the bright light ahead. Behind it hides nothingness, but I won’t blink, I won’t look away. By myself until my time is up.
Track Name: Risk MGMT
// Lyrics:

Our hearts are filled with fear and it’s keeping us from sleeping. We’ve been trained to forget that we don’t want what we have. A vague sense of regret that we have no risks and no fun. Don’t you miss it when you lie awake? Don’t you miss stepping over boundaries to make mistakes? Don’t you remember life before it became so stale? Don’t you remember life before we played it safe? Don’t you? And now each day’s just grey in grey but we tell ourselves: »We can’t complain.«
Track Name: Tarrare
// Lyrics

They gnaw and gobble and smack their lips as they devour. Below the shiny surface the worms feast on my rotting flesh. And bit by bit I disappear until all that’s left is my empty shell. Nothing but a fragile facade. A paper thin veil for my darkness. Feeding on pain and despair they won’t stop till I’m hollowed out. Bit by bit I disappear. They gnaw and gobble as they rasp my soul into shreds. Feeding on my black thoughts the worms keep eating away. Below the shiny surface black thoughts keep eating me away.
Track Name: Dark Horses
// Lyrics:

I look up to the misfits. I sympathize with the unfortunate who always get left behind. I guess I just can’t relate with the winning kind. I too have always been desperate to fit in with the crowd and to finally belong. So you try to be like them, and you start to deny who you are, but you’ll fail. Even now that I have travelled 30 times around the sun I still give in to the impulse to try to be approved by everyone. I guess it’s in our blood: The everlasting quest for acceptance. For the promise of warm applause we throw our passions aside. It seems it’s either »play alone on your own terms« or »betray what you love«.
Track Name: Moat People
// Lyrics:

My dream has always been to see the bright lights with my own eyes. But we’re going down, and I’m gonna drown. You can almost see the shoreline from here. You can almost smell the good life from here. With salty hands death pulls me down. Can they not hear our »Save our souls«? We made it through dust and hot sand. Now our dreams die right on their doorstep and no one seems to care. Why don’t they care? My hope dies with me here in a wet grave.
Track Name: Perspective
// Lyrics:

To tell you the awful truth, I think there is nothing left in me. I’m burnt out as fireworks. I am a pitch black cavity. My vision is blocked and my body is hurting. I’m trapped with the demons again.
I’m trapped with the voices inside my head, and they’re mocking me. It keeps me up at night. That’s when they come to life. They show me all my lows and reopen my wounds. I know I should just let it go and gain perspective. But there are so many chances I have missed, all these things that I regret.
The bad choices I have made, and there’s no way to take them back. When I wake in the morning, a pale mess with bloodshot, hazy eyes, I wonder: »Was it worth it? Is this all that I should expect? Is this what I grew up for? Who is this man that I’ve become? Where is the boy I once was? This didn’t go as I had planned.« There’s no way to go back.
Track Name: Sonder
// Lyrics:

A passerby, stumbling through the scene. A random encounter. Am I merely an obstacle? A waste of time? A fading impression? Chance led us here and it will tear us apart again. No one will ever know you by heart. After all, we’re in parallel worlds, passing through other lives like sand through our fingers. Chance led us here and will tear us apart again. No one will ever know you by heart. After all, we are parallel worlds. You will walk alone wherever you go.
Track Name: The Better You Look The More You See
// Lyrics

Tonight, let’s lower our guards. Let’s let our walls become transparent. Is there a chance to make this more than noise? Is there a chance to make this into something more than a masquerade? Beneath our outfits we’re the same. Beating hearts, sweaty palms, open minds – we’re the same. Isn’t this why you’re here? Isn’t it because it feels like home? Isn’t this why we’re here? Isn’t this why it’s worth it?
Can this be more than lights and sound?
Track Name: Hem
// Lyrics:

Jag kan inte förstå varför du älskar mig, men jag vet att det känns som om att är mitt hem. The looming cloud seems to disappear when you are there. Suddenly it all seems to make sense. You found me when I was lost inside my own head, buried under the ruins of my ambitions. You lift the weight of the world from my shoulders. You set me straight. I can’t believe you are still here. You lift the weight of the whole world from me. The looming cloud seems to disappear. I am at home.